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This page shows your calendar.

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Help Page-sensitive help
FAQ List of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
Contact Contact information.
Log Out Close your SuperCalendar when you're finished to protect your privacy

Menu Bar
Address Open your Address Book to access Personal and Group contact information
To Do Open your To Do List to access Personal and Group tasks
Calendar Your Personal calendar
Groups List the Groups you belong to, create new Groups, Join existing Groups
My Stickers List your Personal and Group stickers, add new stickers

List Display events in a list
Add Event Add a new event
Batch Create multiple events at once
Invite Invite people to join SuperCalendar and/or a Group
Details Display (or not) the details of each event. Turning Details off makes your calendar smaller. You can also view the details of an event by moving your mouse on top of its sticker or clicking on the event to open the Edit window
Options Change your SuperCalendar preferences, such as whether Details should be normally on or off, your personal color, and your regular sticker. You can also Import and Export data between SuperCalendar and other calendars or files. And, make SuperCalendar your Home Page.
Print Print your SuperCalendar

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Change to the calendar for this month in the current year
<<    >> Change to the calendar for this month in the previous or next year
<    > Change to the calendar for the previous or next month
Date Click on the number for any day to view a grid of that day's events
Add Click Add next to the number for any day to add an event for that day. Note: If you don't want the Add link displayed, click Options, Preferences, and turn it off

How To:
Change to another month See Page Navigation, above
Add a New Event To add an event for the current month on your screen, click Add next to the date. Otherwise, click Add Event on the sub-menu, above
Edit an Event Click on the event text or sticker
See Details of an Event To see Details for any single event just put your mouse on its Sticker.

To display Details for all events, click Details on your sub-menu. When Details are displayed, click No Details to turn them off
View a day's events Click on the date to see all that day's events in a time grid.
Delete an Event Put a check in the Delete box next to the event and click on Delete Checked Events at the bottom of the page
Create a Group Click on Groups in the Menu Bar, then Create Group. Detailed information is in Help on each page
Join Groups Click Groups in the Menu Bar, then Join Groups, and select the search criteria (to avoid looking through thousands of groups). When the groups are displayed, check the Join box for the ones you wish to Join. Detailed information is in Help on each page
Invite people to join Click on Invite in the Menu Bar
Change information
such as your
e-mail address
Click Options on the sub-menu, then Preferences
Delete your
calendar, addressbook, etc.
Click Options on the sub-menu, then Delete